ElastiquePitchv2 v2.2.0 WiN-NeBULA


ElastiquePitchv2 v2.2.0 WiN-NeBULA

ElastiquePitchv2 v2.2.0 WiN

NeBULA | 25 September 2022 | 18.2 MB


Demanding frame rate conversion jobs or creative sonic exploration–Elastique Pitch V2 delivers crisp, transparent pitch-shifting for any need. Elastique Pitch V2 is a real-time pitch shifting plug-in based on . Easy and intuitive controls make using Elastique Pitch V2 fast and easy. Built-in presets for common conversion jobs will deliver perfect results with zero effort. Elastique Pitch V2 handles both pitch and formant shifting to produce natural-sounding results. If desired, pitch and formant can be dialed in individually for creative or special treatment use. The infiniStretch functionality of the élastiquePRO V3 engine and a built-in delay adds further creative options.

• Real-time pitch shifting plugin.
• Pitch and formant shift +/- 1 octave.
• Delay with feedback for creative use.
• Presets for typical framerate conversion jobs.
• Multi-channel support: up to 8 channels.
• Program-independent high quality with the highly-acclaimed élastiquePro v3 engine.
• Phase-coherence: preserve the spatial image and acoustic space.

• New: Native M1 compatibility; removes the 32-bit version of the plug-in on macOS.
• Fixed: Tooltips could appear with strange garbled characters in some hosts.
• Fixed: Saved presets could be recalled incorrectly if the “Link” setting was turned off.
• Changed: User Manual is updated to a new visual format.
• Changed: Documentation and uninstaller now installed into /Applications/zplane/ElastiquePitchV2 folder on macOS.

INFO/DEMO/BUY: https://bit.ly/3fusi2V
ElastiquePitchv2 v2.2.0 WiN-NeBULA
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